Here you will find books written by leaders in nutrition and wellness to help educate educate people on health alternatives and healthy lifestyles.


Expand your knowledge base and gain a better understanding of your biochemical individuality with Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo’s groundbreaking books. With more than 7 million copies in print in 65 languages, Dr. D’Adamo’s approach to personalized nutrition was popularized in his New York Times best-seller, Eat Right for Your Type. Since its publication in 1996, Dr. D’Adamo has continued to build upon his scientific basis with his subsequent books; deepen your understanding of the Blood Type Diet through Live Right for Your Type, explore condition-specific support through the Health Library, delve into the world of epigenetics with Change Your Genetic Destiny, and our Personalized Cookbooks for each blood type are a must-have for every kitchen. Educational lectures on CD taped at the bi-annual conference of the Institute of Human Individuality will engage the scientifically-minded practitioner or student.