Sacred Frankincense Anti-Aging Facial Package

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Pure, Organic, 100% Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Facial Set

Heal on the inside AND on the outside!

Feel your skin tightening in seconds!

Anti – Aging Skin Care Package


Heal on the inside AND on the outside!

1- Sacred Frankincense Essential Oil – 2 ml

Pure, Organic, 100% Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil has anti aging properties that help retain a youthful glow and regenerate prematurely aging and problematic skin. Sacred Frankincense can be very beneficial, not only for skin, but by diffusing can help with respiratory, hormonal, immune and anxiety disorders.  It can also enrich meditation, yoga and a deeper spiritual connection.

See our Diffuser Oil here.(Diffuser Oil)


1- Sacred Frankincense Hydrosol Toning Water -50 ml

A natural aromatic water and pure product from the Boswellia Sacra resin distillation process. Hydrosol has anti-fungal, antiseptic and astringent qualities. It possesses limitless uses, from toning and tightening skin to after sun care. Experience an “uplifting” and “refreshing” feeling. Use on an ‘as needed’ basis.  Also spray on your face a few minutes after applying the Sacred Frankincense Eye Serum Tightening Mask for deep absorption.


1- Sacred Frankincense Raw Serum Tightening Mask -18 ml

The Serum Mask is made solely from the raw serum of Boswellia Sacra. This brings hydration, essential minerals and nutrients to the skin, protecting and allowing it to tone, lift and heal. It naturally slows the signs of aging, as it restores the natural beauty of dry and/or maturing skin.  Try leaving it on (not rinsing off when dry) and apply a spray or two of the Hydrosol Water for deeper absorption!

(Shake before each use).


1- Sacred Frankincense Resin Powder -12 g

This pure, fine powder of Desert Sand is ground from the “distilled” resin of the Boswellia Sacra trees, rich in the healing elements of Boswellic Acid.

Our therapeutic pure resin powder is ground from our resin nuggets.

A major healing component of our frankincense resin powder is boswellic acid. This active ingredient has proven to be effective in treating chronic inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, rheumatism, inflammatory bowel disease, fibromyalgia, and various cancers. It has been found to relieve pain, improve blood supply to the joints, restore the integrity of weakened blood vessels, as well as preventing inflammatory white cells from getting into damaged tissue.

Creams containing boswellic acids can lead to a significant improvement when used daily as a facial moisturizer. This effective topical agent will soften facial lines, increase elasticity, decrease sebum excretion, and improve psoriasis. It has a soothing effect on irritated skin, reduces redness, and produces an even skin tone.
To make a healing Boswellic extract cream combine 1-part Sacred Frankincense Therapeutic Pure Resin to 1 part coconut oil. Stir well and let sit overnight to dissolve the resin. Then slowly stir in 5 parts of a plain, odorless cream such as glaxal cream. (ie. 2 tsp powder : 2 tsp coconut oil : 10 tsp cream) Mix really well and it’s ready to use as a facial moisturizer or to help relieve pain due to inflammation.

Side effects from frankincense resin powder use are rare, but occasionally skin rash may occur. There are no confirmed documented contraindications or drug interactions but the herb might increase the effects or toxicity of some. It should not be used by pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding.


1- Organic Coconut Oil -4 oz

Very rich in fatty acids, coconut oil makes a great massage oil.

It helps keep the skin soft and smooth, and its natural anti-oxidants help to prevent the premature aging of the skin.

This coconut oil is extracted from the meat of the coconut. It is refined to remove the coconut taste and smell which leaves a product which is clean and bland in smell with an off-white colour.

It is solid at room temperature or any time it is below 76°F. It is also highly resistant to rancidity.

Imagine combining these unique products to experience immediate results right in your own home!   

Coming Soon:  TTrue Health Canada plans to provide in-clinic facial treatments. Try it first!


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