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Immune Trio Boost

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Breathe Easy and enjoy 10% off this Spring Trio of Quercetin, Proberry Caps and Collinsonia Plus!

Optimize your immune system with this powerful combination, ensuring you enjoy your time outside this summer.


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Our immune systems have been a common topic of discussion for the past year, spring is a good time to give our bodies a boost and help our lungs breath easier.

  • Proberry Caps [2x daily]
    • Powerful antioxidants and flavonoids for connective tissue support, improved cardiovascular health and stronger immune system.
  • Quercetin Plus [2x daily]
    • Helps reduce inflammation and has antioxidant support. It assists with histamine clearance and seasonal symptom relief. Also provides support for the cardiovascular and immune systems.
  • Collinsonia Plus® [1 to 3x daily]
    • Herbal supplement to naturally boost sinus and throat health, eliminating the need for messy rinses or pockets full of tissue


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